Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The choice, madamoiselle, is yours

Ella asked if she could choose her dinner for tonight, she asked me this over dinner last night. They've both been eating really well, really varied meals of late, so sure, why not. I'm actually always happy to be told what someone fancies for although I love cooking, I do at times find the decision making rather tedious.

"Sausages and beans mum, I'd really LOVE that". Once, when Leila was very small I was too tired to cook so opened a can of beans and a can of Plumrose franks (80% meat I would point out) and that was dinner. I apologise for it being a non meal but Ella loved it. Tonight the sausages are real skinned butcher ones, sausages and beans. "Can I have sauce too mum, and a carrot on the side?"


Sandy said...

That's great. Pretty soon she'll want to order for herself when eating out. My son loves doing that, having his own say and feeling independent.

ella kelly said...

I LOVE this. The photo, the story. Perfection.

! I've missed seeing your blog (too busy with work) and am now catching up. Fun!